Wordoku Puzzles #01-#50

Have you heard of Wordoku puzzles? Wordoku puzzles, are sudoku puzzles that use letters instead of numbers. And, the Wordoku puzzles in this collection do not include random letters. Rather, they spell unique 9-letter words. Answers are included for both the printable and the Google Apps™ versions. Here are a couple of reasons why these puzzles help support all, or almost all, learning environments:

1. They help to improve vocabulary: Wordoku puzzles can help students improve their vocabulary by challenging them to recognize and spell words correctly. By solving puzzles that require them to fill in letters instead of numbers, students can learn new words, practice spelling, and reinforce their understanding of language. Each puzzle includes the word used in the puzzle for easy reference!

2. Wordoku puzzles also help to enhance cognitive skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. As kids work to solve these puzzles, they must use various forms of reasoning (deductive reasoning and analytical thinking) to figure out which letters go in each square. The mental processes and skills used to solve these puzzles are skills that can be used in most other areas of their lives.

Create your personalized wordoku puzzles using A Book Creator, a web based tool. This tool enables you to create multiple puzzle types from word and number searches to cryptograms, Sudoku and Large Print Puzzles to word fill and number fill puzzles! Check out the link for your free 3-day trial today!